TNT // NemiruTami (Min)

I'm a freelance illustrator and concept artist. My commission info is linked on my site TNT and it's also where you can find my commission form! My RT/personal/gaming/doodling and socializing twitter is @MlNAKE and it's where I'll be answering CC asks. I love to talk so don't hesitate to ask me anything!

Main Fandoms: SMT (Persona 2+3+5, Desu1+2, SMTV, IV, III), Pokemon, Digimon, Fire Emblem, DMC, Mary Skelter, Mm.

OTP Mixer: Pegokita, Minake, Minaegis, Minann, Shukita, Kotoann, Kotomin, Ryumina, Ryukita, Kotone/Akechi, Ann/Akechi, Ann/Shiho, Aki/Ann/Ryu, Minato/Haru, Junpei/Minato, Haru/Yusuke/Ryuji Mm.
Favs: Rei (PQ), Aegis (P3), Ann (P5), Hifumi (P5), Lillie (SM), Cynthia (DPP), Lady (DMC), Misato (NGE), Makoto (Desu2) Mercedes (FE3H) Yune (FE10) Tiki (FE1) Nowi (FE13) Mm.
Favs: Thanatos (P3), Daichi (Desu2), Yusuke (P5), Eikichi (P2), Nathan+Sully (Uncharted), Mordercai (FE9), Mm.

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